About your session

So you have booked your session, that’s great!!  I can’t wait to capture some beautiful memories for you!!

What happens now?

I will be sending through a few emails about me, my studio and what you can expect from your photography session.  The most important email you will receive is a brief session questionnaire.  This questionnaire helps me get to know you and your family a little before you session.  There are a few questions about the children, their likes, dislikes, favourite toys and games.  These little key pieces of information help me to plan a great experience for you on session day.


Family photography in Launceston Tasmania by Nerissa Holloway | about your session Collage of four images of family on a farm


What to wear?

This is the most common question, the one question many of us ponder over.  The best advice I can give is to be yourself.  Wear what makes you feel comfortable.  There is no need to go shopping for a new outfit (unless you love shopping, then I say go for it!), you will find everything you need in your wardrobe.

A few suggestions are:

  • pick outfits/colours that compliment each other but try not to all match (gone are the days of everyone wearing jeans and white tops!).
  • Stay away from tops with large logo’s or t-shirts with character prints on them.  These will date very quickly and also draw the eye away from the face.
  • Accessories and layers look great!
  • If you love colour, be bright and colourful.  If you love neutral tones wear those.

I am always here if you need any help, I have had many clients send me photos to get my opinion.


Family photography in Launceston Tasmania by Nerissa Holloway | about your session what to wear


What if my children don’t behave?

Let’s face it, if you want them to behave they won’t.  If you want your child to have a sleep on the day of your session it is pretty much a given that they won’t (this actually happened to to me on the day of our family session, our then almost two year old didn’t sleep in the 90min drive to our session.  He ALWAYS sleeps in the car.  But no, not on our photo day).  They will pick up on your cues, if you are anxious about the session they will feel anxious too.  Keep calm everyone!  There really isn’t anything to worry about.  There will be times when your children won’t want to be involved and that is fine, they can play, have a snack and run around (I keep shooting while they do).   I have a ton of tricks up my sleeve to get even the most uncooperative shy child to forget why they are there and have fun.  Sometimes we may even joke at mum and dad’s expense (all children love that!).  This is a fun family outing, the only difference is someone is there to capture the moments for you.

On the day of your session.

Go about your day as usual.  Tell the kids they will be meeting a new friend.  Pack some mess free snack, a water bottle and some wipes (just incase).  If you have young children, have a change of clothes just incase one of them takes a tumble in some mud.  I will keep a close eye on the weather leading up to your session, if it rains we simply reschedule to another day.

During your session.

Have fun!  I want to see lots of cuddles, laughter, tickles and smiles (more at each other, not the camera).  Let the children run around and explore.  And please don’t tell them to look at the camera and smile, the best smiles are the natural ones when everyone is having fun.


Family photography in Launceston Tasmania by Nerissa Holloway | about your session Four siblings at a park


Following your session.

I will share a little sneak peek from your session within a couple of days.  Then one to two weeks following your session you will receive your online gallery preview.  I offer a free design consultation as part of your session, this most commonly happens at your home but we can also do it over the phone.  This is great if if you need help deciding how to display your images in your home.

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The best bit!

Choose from a gorgeous selection of canvas, framed and wood prints.  Or if you love albums you may choose our stunning fine art album.  All of our prints and products are of the highest quality and are Australian made.

Shortly after your print order is sent to the lab it arrives on my door (I love print day!).  I inspect your prints to make sure they are all ok and then package them up ready for delivery.

You now have precious memories of your family, precious moments captured in time to be remembered forever.

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Launceston family and newborn photographer Nerissa Holloway | collage of prints and an album

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About your session.  Launceston family and newborn photographer.